The Knowledgable Software Engineer

Software systems need to change in order to stay successful on the market. This is a fact proven by the Laws of Software Evolution. Creating and maintaining software systems is mastering change and system complexity. Collaboration platforms, such as Google Code and github, are used by the majority of software engineers to develop and manage software projects. They record data about software projects and systems in a number of repositories, such as source control systems, mailing lists, and defect tracking systems, that researchers can use to study the evolution (history) of software systems. In this presentation, I will show how we can leverage the rich knowledge stored in these repositories to help softwareengineers to develop software faster and with better quality. I will do this by presenting an example of my recent research in which I used data from software repositories to predict the defect-prone source files. Furthermore, I will outline my vision in this research area as well as my plans for teaching in order to educate the knowledgeable future software engineers.

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