Exoscale – Safe & Performant European Cloud Infrastructure as a Service.

Radovan Drsata, Head of Center of Expertise, A1 Digital / Exoscale

31.01.2020 | 10:00 | S. 2.37

Also Europe is dominated by US cloud providers. Nonetheless, several purely European providers thrive in this market as well, Exoscale one of them. This presentation will discuss the technical and other prerequisites necessary to make an European Cloud successful. A short live demo will be included as well. The ensuing discussion will give a room for further questions regarding the infrastructure, connectivity, certifications etc. The participants will receive as a bonus a voucher to test Exoscale.

After the presentation, there is the opportunity to join discussions about cooperation options between A1 Digital / Exoscale and Universität Klagenfurt.


Link to the presentation: https://handbooks.exo.io/exoscale.ppsx


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