How to make software engineers more productive

Given the number of software-engineers who are working at Google, speeding up the development cycles is a prime goal. Saving an hour of time at a routine task will quickly scale up to saving a couple of person-years. For this purpose, there is a separate team of „Engineering Productivity“ specialists at Google, who analyse the way we develop software, and try to improve the quality of the code, and speed up build-, test- and release-cycles. They are looking for places where time is „lost“, where automation in the development process is helpful and how it best can be achieved, and just how much testing needs to be done for individual components. This talk will describe what an engineering productivity specialist at Google would spend his time with, what tools and techniques he is using and how the group impacted a large number of products“.

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ermont“ src=““ alt=“markus_clermont“ width=“140″ height=“185″ />Markus Clermont is currently an Engineering Productivity Manager at Google in London, leading the worldwide efforts in speeding up development for Google-Mobile-Applications and for some projects in our Ads area.
Markus studied Applied Computer Science at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria, where he also completed his PhD in Software Engineering. After working as a Jr. Lecturer at the University Klagenfurt and various consulting jobs in Austria, Markus worked as a Senior Researcher and Director of Postgraduate Studies at the Software Quality Research Lab in Ireland where he researched test data generation from formal specifications.
Markus is particularly interested in speeding up the development of good quality software. This includes anything ranging from agile development, formal specifications, to large scale build- and test-systems.

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