Rückblick: Virtual Campfire – A Hero's Journey into Multimedia Storytelling

IMG_2195Am 29. Januar sprach Dr. Ralf Klamma über sein Virtual Campfire – A Hero’s Journey into Multimedia Storytelling.

Kurzfassung: Frequent usage of mobile devices such as cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, or GPS navigators creates a large amount of multimedia data. Ultra High-Speed Mobile Information and Communication (UMIC) is one of the research clusters established under the excellence initiative of the German government. Within UMIC, research is being carried out on next generation mobile applications. Based on experiences of developing a set of advanced mobile applications for communities of practice within the scenario Virtual Campfire, our framework for mobile multimedia management is concerned with mobile multimedia semantics, with multimedia metadata, with multimedia context management, and with multimedia uncertainty management. Results are evaluated on a mobile multimedia community testbed MobSOS. We aim at creation, annotation, adaptation, sharing, and consumption of

mobile multimedia data in professional communities with heterogeneous and varying needs.


Das Kolloquium war gut besucht (siehe oben) und die Folien des Vortrags stehen online zur Verfügung (siehe unten).

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