Rückblick 3D Video: From Stereo to Multi-View

IMG_2352Am 10. März hat Dr. Karsten Müller einen Vortrag zu 3D Video: From Stereo to Multi-View gehalten mit dem folgendem Inhalt: „3D related media technologies have recently developed from pure research-oriented work towards applications and products. 3D content is now being produced on a wider scale and first 3D applications have been standardized, such as multi-view video coding for 3D Blu Ray disks. This development was only possible due to joined international research and development work on all stages of the 3D media chain from data capturing via transmission and coding to multi-view displays with different application areas for digital cinema, home entertainment and mobile services.“

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Das Kolloquium war recht gut besucht wie auf den Fotos zu sehen ist:

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