Rückblick: SPLAY – Distributed Systems Made Simple [VIDEO, SLIDES]

Der Rückblick zum TEWI-Kolloquium von Prof. Pascal Felber, Univ. Neuchatel, Schweiz am 19.01.2012 beinhaltet die Videoaufzeichnung sowie die Folien:


[iframe height=“350″ src=“http://video.aau.at/video.php?video=ftf_felber.mp4″]



This talk will present SPLAY, an integrated system that facilitates the design, deployment and testing of large-scale distributed applications. Unlike existing systems, SPLAY covers all aspects of the development and evaluation chain. It allows developers to express algorithms in a concise, simple language that highly resembles pseudo-code found in research papers. The execution environment has low overheads and footprint, and provides a comprehensive set of libraries for common distributed systems operations. SPLAY is freely available from http://www.splay-project.org/.

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