Student Placements at EnOcean, Munich, Germany


These placements start July 2012 and end August 2013

Successful candidates will be based at EnOcean’s Headquarters in Oberhaching, in the south-east area of Munich. EnOcean is a young company with a culture of innovation. Across its over 10 years of operation it has demonstrated a continuing commitment to the development of young Engineers.

EnOcean is the originator of patented energy harvesting wireless technology

The company manufactures and markets maintenance-free wireless sensor solutions for use in buildings and industrial installations. EnOcean solutions are based on miniaturized energy converters, ultra-low- power electronic circuitry and reliable wireless. Combining these elements enables EnOcean and its product partners to offer sensor systems that are fundamental for energy-efficient buildings and innovative industry. Today wireless modules from EnOcean are chosen worldwide by more than 100 manufacturers to enable their system ideas for buildings and industry. Wireless components are already in use in over 200,000 buildings.

EnOcean GmbH was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from Siemens AG. The company currently employs about 60 people in Germany and the USA.

EnOcean Technology

The basic idea behind this innovative technology stems from a simple observation: where sensors capture measured values, the energy state constantly changes. When a switch is pressed, the temperature alters or the luminance level varies. All these operations generate enough energy to transmit wireless signals. Instead of batteries, EnOcean consequently uses miniaturized energy converters to supply power: linear motion converters, solar cells and thermal converters. These allow wireless operation in very different surroundings. Intelligent software stacks enable straightforward and simple integration of EnOcean technology in a large variety of user applications.

EnOcean Alliance

Companies worldwide from the building sector established an innovative control solution for sustainable building projects. The EnOcean Alliance aims to standardize and internationalize EnOcean technology, and is dedicated to creating interoperability between the products of OEM partners.


The selected candidates will work in the development Labs of EnOcean, but being a small company, there will also be regular involvement with marketing, sales, and manufacturing – a chance to experience the “full picture”. The year-long term of these placements allow the candidates to become deeply familiar with EnOcean technology and have a real chance to contribute something useful. As the company continues to grow, it is expected that some of our Interns will return to EnOcean as employees after their graduation.

Key Activities:

  • Low-power circuit design
  • RF circuit design
  • Embedded programming
  • Micromechanical design for Energy Harvesting  System Integration
  • Product transfer to production
  • Recruiting and training their successors for the next placements

Skills that will be acquired:

Technical Knowledge: low-power circuit design both analog and digital, RF circuit design, energy harvesting, micromechanical design. Integrated circuits for low-power RF communication, embedded microcontrollers, power management. Principles of Energy Harvesting: peltier effect, piezo-electric, thermal, solar, magneto-electric Mechanical design of switches and sensors. Training on all the EnOcean technologies will be given.

Work Skills: working efficiently, being responsive, understanding organisations, team working and customer support.

Communication Skills: the communications skills needed to work in a dynamic company: face-to-face, telephone and e-mail. Good proficiency in English, particularly when applied to technical subjects, to enable effective and clear communications.

Marketing: Understanding the growing market for EnOcean technologies, and gaining a genuine appreciation of the market trends from an insider’s point of view.

Relationships: Working in a truly multi-cultural environment

Recruitment: In 2013, the current Student Interns will be responsible for initiating the recruitment process for their successor and for the initial selection process. They will then give training during the handover period (hence 12 month placement plus one month handover).

Working conditions & Remuneration:

  • Munich: an international city friendly to students from all over Europe! Excellent public transport, buzzing nightlife, outstanding sports activities – in short “a cool destination”
  • Collegiate company environment: everyone working together on common goals
  • State-of-the-art development Labs with excellent tools and equipment
  • Training: excellent on-the-job training
  • Salary: approximately €1000 Euros pre-tax per month
  • Salary is paid monthly, so you must be able to support yourself during your first month.
  • Paid holiday allowance

Individual Requirements

Applicants MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Be available for a placement of at least 13 months.
  • Able to retain their student status throughout the placement because the placement is a required part of their course (not a “Student in suspense”)
  • Citizens of the European Union* or Switzerland (*Restrictions may apply to Bulgarian and Romanian Students)
  • Be genuinely fluent in English, written and spoken.
  • Be available for a placement of at least 13 months.

Skills you should have:

  • All Students:
    • Proficient using a PC and the Internet
    • The drive and motivation to accept new challenges – The ability to learn quickly.
    • A keen sense of responsibility.
    • The maturity to work with minimal supervision
  • Students in Electronics:
    • Good knowledge of Analog and Digital Electronics – Some experience of microcontroller circuit design – RF circuit design experience is useful
  • Students in Software/Computer Engineering:
    • Experience of embedded programming
    • Understanding of merits of Assembly Programming versus C – Knowledge of 8051 or MSP430 would be useful
  • Students in Mechanical Engineering:
    • Some “Mechatronics” experience – knowledge of Electronic circuits would be useful – Basic knowledge of CAD programs
    • Genuine interest in MEMS/Micro-machine design

Other skills we value:

  • Additional language skills, apart from English, with German being especially useful  Previous work experience.
  • An appreciation of different cultures

The deadline for applications is the 9 April 2012.
All applications should be made in English. Interviews will be conducted in English.

The Application Process

  1. Send your CV and a cover letter in English to Karin Biessenberger at EnOcean Human Resources by email:, + copy to: The cover letter should detail why you are applying for this job, and how you satisfy the criteria required. It should not be more than one side of A4. The deadline for applications is the April 9th 2012.
  2. During April selected candidates will be given informal telephone interviews conducted by representatives from HR, current Interns, and the EnOcean University Program.
  3. Towards the end of April, selected candidates will be given final telephone interviews conducted by HR and Technical Management.
  4. Offers will be made mid-May
  5. Start date: July 2011

For more information:

Please contact the Robert Owen, EnOcean University Program Manager: E-mail: Tel: +44-1992-584739

Company Information:

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